Check out the first gameplay footage from Planet Zoo

Frontier Developments are back at it designing loveable zoo management sims (and not horrendous dinosaur park disaster mitigation sims) with Planet Zoo. At E3 they showed off in-game footage for the first time, and announced that the game will be coming to PC on 5th November, with a beta this summer for those that pre-order the game.


A key focus for the game is that you can learn about the animals, the care and conservation of some of the rarest animals in the world. It’s an important part of modern visits to the zoo, and that’s something that Frontier wanted to capture in this game.

For more news from the PC Gaming Show and all the others at E3 this year, make sure to keep tabs on our E3 hub.

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  1. Darn it, the reasons for me to get a laptop that can handle modern games is growing!

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