Rage 2 is getting loads of new s*%t, like maps, modes & pilotable mechs

As part of Betheda’s ongoing E3 assault on our news-typing fingers, they’ve detailed a load of new s*%t (their word not mine) that’s coming to the recently released, and deeply awesome, Rage 2.

There’s an array of new enemies, including a huge Tremors-esque sandworm that’s bound to want to turn you into (giant) worm food. You might be able to stand up to it though in the new pilotable mech, or run away from it very fast on the single wheel Armadillo vehicle. There’s also a skull bike, but that just appears to be a motorbike with skulls on it.


Besides new weapons, there’s a new vendor who’s going to sell you cheat codes that enable things like low gravity or something that looks like it turns your enemies into mush called “bloody mess”. There’s also a rejector seat, though I couldn’t really tell if it made your car go flying through the air or you. Mind you, the most exciting new stuff is likely to be the new story content, entitled Rise of the Ghosts, which sees the flesh-loving Ghosts coming to get you – and probably everyone else. There’s also set to be new areas to explore, but they’re going to have to be much more exciting than the open world locations that Rage 2 launched with to get anyone’s pulse racing.

All of this new stuff is set to drop on all platforms in a series of weekly updates, which are all designed to keep you playing Rage 2. I thought it was pretty damn good when I reviewed it last month so any reason to go back is definitely welcome, especially if it means that I get to use the Rage 2 shotgun a few more times. Keep an eye out for future updates as this new [email protected]*t arrives. Sorry, I think it’s catching.

For more news from Bethesda’s E3 2019 show and all the others at E3 this year, make sure to keep tabs on our E3 hub.

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