Rage 2’s Terrormania expansion is now out

Bethesda has confirmed that Rage 2’s Terrormania expansion is now available to get, and it offers an alternate reality of the Wastelands. This reality is called the Deadlands and in this world the enemies are an army of skeletons. These skeletons are the undead versions of the gangs that have been faced in the Wastelands including Goon Squad, River Hogs, Immortal Shrouded, and Abadon Muties.


There’s also a new weapon called the Sword of Transitus that can unleash an arc of power. Terrormania marks the end of the 2019 Rage 2 roadmap as it is the second paid expansion. Dom reviewed Rage 2 and this is what he thought:

Much like its predecessor, Rage 2 stirs up Doom, Borderlands and Mad Max and comes out slightly less than the sum of its parts. Outside of some dreary lulls in the action, the characterful apocalyptic open world is a blast, with each settlement or point of interest a little pocket of adrenalin-soaked, heart-troubling frenzy that’ll have you begging for the next fix.
You can read the full Rage 2 review here.
Source: Bethesda
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