Tripwire show off open-world Shark-PG Maneater

Maneater as a game sounds like absolute nonsense, casting the player as a man-eating shark in an open world RPG, or Shark-PG if Tripwire would have their way, growing from baby shark – do do do do do do – to a huge menace to anything in the water.


Scaly Pete is the villain in the tale, who’s the best shark-fisherman in the game, but disfigured the baby shark at the start of the game. The story is framed by the in-game TV show Shark Hunters vs. Maneaters, but the action itself looks pretty barmy and fast-paced.

Growth comes from eating things and levelling up, building up to Life Phases which go from baby to teenager, for example, and that then gives you Evolutions that can give you metal teeth to chomp on things or lungs that let you survive for longer out of the water.

There’s no release date for the game, but Tripwire expect that it won’t be at next year’s E3 showcase. So early 2020, then?

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