Build a 1920s crime empire in Empire of Sin, coming from Romero Games spring 2020

Romero Games and Paradox Interactive have announced the fruits of their partnership today. Empire of Sin is a new character-driven strategy game set in the 1920s, and it’s coming to PC, Mac, Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in spring 2020.


If you fancy yourself a Mafia boss, this is the game for you. You build your own criminal empire and one of fourteen bosses trying to thrive in the underworld of 1920s Chicago. Randomly generated starting conditions mean you have to adapt to what you’re faced with and simply try to outlast your rivals.

Your empire is built up on the backs of various illegal enterprises, whether union skimming, casinos or speakeasies, and you need to defend this with teams of loyal mobsters on the streets. If it comes to it, you can send your goons to duff up the enemy in turn-based combat, but you could just as easily try and influence those around you with alliances, bribing cops and trading on the black market. There’s multiple ways to get ahead.

Romero Games is the independent studio of John and Brenda Romero, who partnered with Paradox Interactive in April to work on a new strategy game IP. This is the fruits of that partnership, and a really fun and interesting one at that. We look forward to seeing more of the game in the near future.

Source: press release

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