Empire of Sin – Make It Count DLC will bring Meyer Lansky of Murder, Inc. to Chicago

A new mob boss is coming to Empire of Sin in the newly announced Make it Count DLC expansion for the game. The first paid DLC, coming later in 2021, it will release alongside the free Precinct update that was detailed earlier this week.


Meyer “The Accountant” Lansky was one of the many notorious underworld figures from the game’s prohibition era. He’s a boss that is great at the economic side of crime management, with smooth talking abilities that will help to “make peace” using your money and connections. However, he’s no slouch in a fight…

Lansky comes alongside a new ‘Fixers’ class of gangster, who bring a new loan sharking racket to the table and have uniquely long-ranged combat abilities. You’ll have to hire a Fixer in order to unlock the loan shark racket, but once you have one, you’ll also have the Blackmail ability over other characters and factions.

The DLC will feature a string of new missions telling the story of Lansky and Fixers, in part through introducing Lansky’s mentor, Arnold Rothstein.

Brenda Romero, Co-Founder of Romero Games said, “After all the work we put into patching the game in the past few months, we’re ready to explore new aspects of the game to give players more content to sink their teeth into. Make it Count, alongside the free Precinct update, brings new ways for players to play, manage and win as they build up their own Empire of Sin!”

Make it Count will release for Empire of Sin across PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch later this year.

The free update that will accompany it is the Precinct update, a significant quality of life change that will break your criminal empire into neighbourhoods that will be more integrated and streamlined. These will be controlled through a central building known as The Depot, which is a key point to try and capture.

There will also be new win conditions, so you can build your empire up to the Chi-Town Mogul win condition, or use The Buyout to overpower your rivals through excellent business management.

Lastly, it will include Modsters, the first step of releasing mod tools and support for Empire of Sin, which can be shared through Paradox Mods or Steam Workshop. Even more modding tools will be coming later on.

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