Circuit Superstars wants to revive the top-down arcade racer next year

Square Enix Collective and Original Fire Games are hoping to revive the top down arcade racer as the newly announced Circuit Superstars heads to PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC in 2020.


It’s a cutesy looking racer, but it mixes arcade racing with a realistic driving model, so it’s pick up and play, but has depths to master. There’s a range of different racing categories, including on-track car and GT racing, and off-road rallies.

Original Fire Games are just a six person team, started by three Mexican siblings with a real passion for motor racing.

“Over the last three decades we have seen a fascinating evolution of racing games,” says Carolina Mastretta, Director & Producer at Original Fire Games. “And these days, we can drive almost any type of car on amazing recreations of the best tracks in the world. However, we believe it’s time to try something different, and we want to do this by reviving a style that pioneered the racing genre decades ago.

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  1. Different? Motorstorm RC came out just 7 years ago, and Micro Machines more recently, so I wouldn’t say the top-down racer has exactly been dead for ‘decades’.

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