Final Fantasy VII Remake’s new dynamic ATB combat looks pretty good!

Square Enix chose to open their E3 presser with the first major look at the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake. We’d been led to believe that the turn based battle system has been replaced by something more action orientated, but fans will be glad to learn that the remake actually boasts a hybrid system that mixes the two.


The bottom right of the screen plays host to two ATB bars, which fill up slowly over time as you perform standard attacks. Once full, time slows to a crawl and you can enter Tactical Mode where you’re able to choose what items to use or which spells to cast.

The gameplay demo showed us Cloud going to town on some enemies before joining Baird to take down a massive Scorpion Sentinel. While Cloud generates his ATB gauge by slashing away with his sword, Baird charges his with long range attacks from his machine gun arm.

You can switch easily between the members of your party via a single button press, which should keep the action flowing nicely, and amazingly it all looks pretty damn good. It looks a little like the combat is actually going to be closer to Final Fantasy XIII’s system, which I personally don’t think is a bad thing.

Graphically the new design is extremely attractive, bringing VII closer to the modern Final Fantasy games, with one of the biggest cheers from the crowd coming from the reveal of Tifa. It does seem as though they’ve tinkered a little with Aerith’s look after the internet outcry about her appearance.

They also revealed the voice acting cast:

  • Cloud, voiced by Cody Christian (All American, Teen Wolf)
  • Barret, voiced by John Eric Bentley (Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Independence Day: Resurgence)
  • Aerith, voiced by Briana White (Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, Occupants)
  • Tifa, voiced by Britt Baron (GLOW)
  • Jessie, voiced by Erica Lindbeck (Spider-Man, Persona 5, ThunderCats Roar)
  • Biggs, voiced by Gideon Emery (Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Teen Wolf)
  • Wedge, voiced by Matt Jones (Breaking Bad)
  • Sephiroth, voiced by Tyler Hoechlin

The demo closed by showing us the two collectors editions of the game, one of which will feature an extremely cool Cloud statue with him sat atop his iconic Fenrir motorbike.

While it wasn’t mentioned, a potential launch date was leaked earlier this week which would see the game arrive on the 3rd of March, 2020.

For more news from Square Enix and all of the press conferences at E3 this year, make sure to keep tabs on our E3 hub.

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  1. Not entirely sure it needed to be changed so much, but I guess we’ll see next year if it turns out any good.

    And 3 actors from Teen Wolf? Is that a good source of decent acting ability now, or was it just “entertaining nonsense with shirtless young men, sometimes in slow motion”?

  2. Is this still going to be episodic? All the footage seems to be in Midgar.

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