Tokyo RPG Factory’s Oninaki will be available in August

Tokyo RPG Factory is still a relatively new studio but has established a reputation in JRPG circles thanks to its two debut titles I Am Satsuna and Lost Sphear.  The studio hasn’t rested on its laurels though as in February there was confirmation of its next game, Oninaki. The game places players in the role Kagachi who is a member of the Veil Watch. This group is tasked with keeping a balance between the world of the living and what lays beyond the veil. Kagachi and his team travel between the realm looking for the Lost, souls that have gone off the path, and attempt to rescue them so peace can be achieved for them. These souls can also join Kagachi though and grant powers too.

Oninaki also represents a bit of a shift for Tokyo RPG factory as unlike previous titles this game is an action RPG.

Last night Square Enix confirmed Oninaki will be available on August 22nd for Switch, PS4, and PC.

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