Death Stranding umbrella revealed, goes nicely with your Death Stranding socks

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A few weeks ago we reported on the rather lovely but rather expensive Kojima Productions watch and we’re happy to report that yet another item could soon be joining the Death Stranding merchandise store. Kojima himself has tweeted pictures of the first samples of the Death Stranding umbrella which has the title of the forthcoming game on the outside and the game’s signature black gloopy stuff on the inside.

No price of release date has been given for the rain defence device but we’re expecting it show up on the Kojima Productions Store in the near future.

If the Death Stranding merchandise continues to be revealed at the current rate you will soon be able to dress from head to toe in Kojima. At present you can buy baseball caps for your head, a vast selection of t-shirts for your torso, a necklace, a watch for your wrist, holders for your credit cards and phones, a key ring, and some ever-so-natty Death Stranding socks. The range is sadly lacking in the trouser department, so I’m hoping for some nice Death Stranding jeans which are white, but have a dripping black goop design down the legs. Maybe some shorts in the same design as well for the summer.

There is also a distance lack of Death Stranding footwear but that may also change. Many high street brands launch limited edition trainers to go with games, for example Under Armour made some Mortal Kombat 11 trainers, and Nike teamed up with Paul George to create some rather snazzy PlayStation trainers.

Death Stranding itself now has a release date, November 8th 2019, but we are still rather in the dark as to what the game is about. There appears to be some sort of asynchronous online collaborative portion to the game but what that is has yet to be be explained.

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