Torchlight II will be releasing for Switch, PS4, and Xbox One this September

The Torchlight series has been a little quiet which is to be expected when the original developer, Runic Games, went under. The series was picked up by Perfect World Entertainment to continue the Torchlight brand. Last year the publisher had announced Torchlight Frontiers for PC, Xbox One, and PS4 which is to offer a shared world multiplayer experience, and though it was announced to launch this year there has been very little news. Instead,

Perfect World confirmed that Torchlight II will finally be heading to consoles, seven years after it first debuted on PC.


Torchlight II will be available for PS4, Xbox One, and Switch from September 3rd with a price tag given of $19.99. The game is being ported by Panic Button which has previously handled ports of Doom and Wolfenstein II for Switch as well as Injustice for PS Vita, so the studio has the experience to port the game over in a good way.

Source: Press Release

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