The Insurgency: Sandstorm free content roadmap confirms new maps

New World Interactive has unveiled the free content roadmap for Insurgency: Sandstorm filling it with things PC players can expect to see being added to the game for the rest of 2019. The roadmap includes things like new maps. night modes for maps, additional weapons, mod tools and level editor, and a hardcore rule set. What hasn’t been confirmed is in which order these bits of content will be added to Insurgency: Sandstorm but at least we have some details on what to expect.


The next map that will be added to the game is a remake of the Sinjar map from Insurgency 2014. The map will have quite a few changes including the addition of snow, which means players will leave tracks that other players can use to follow their targets. In addition another map will be added to the game but there are no details as to what that will entail or what features will be a part of it. That’s not all for maps as night versions of all the maps in the game will be added along with night specific gear like flashlights, night vision goggles, and infrared sights. The AI behaviour will also change to reflect the change of time and players will have to be a lot more cautious.

Mod support and a level editor will be added to Insurgency: Sandstorm too allowing players to create levels, modes, weapons and weapon upgrades, factions, change the rules, and mod the gameplay. How big the scope will be is yet to be confirmed but there will be options to share support through Steam Workshop or other services. New World are adding their own weapons and upgrades too including the  Tavor 7 and AS Val guns, though they will be added at different times to the game. Toggleable optics for gun sights will be added to as well as new foregrip types that have an impact on how weapons will be handled, further than solely recoil reduction. These new foregrips could result in faster aiming down sight times, draw primary weapon faster, reduce the radius of free aim so that remains closer to the centre of the screen, reduce sway. None of these are confirmed as they are being tested at the moment for viability. Underbarrel attachments will include a mini-shotgun, as well as magazine upgrades for faster reloading.

A Hardcore ruleset will be added to all game modes meaning players will have to be a lot more cautious when it comes to fighting. A PvP Frontline mode will be added along with a co-op Outpost mode where teams will have to act a lot more defensively. Headgear and Torso customisation options will also be added to Insurgency: Sandstorm.

Source: Steam

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