Overcooked 2’s Night of the Hangry Horde DLC is now available

Team 17 and Ghost Town Games have announced that Overcooked 2 owners can now get their mitts on the new Night of the Hangry Horde DLC which is available for £7.99/8,99€/$9.99, or part of the Season Pass. That’s not all as all Overcooked 2 players can download the free DLC pack called the All at Sea pack which adds five new chefs to the game. Let’s go back to this Hangry Horde business though and see what you’re getting for your money.

In Night of the Hangry Horde the Onion Kingdom is under attack from zombie slices of bread called the Unbread. As you may guess from the name a new horde mode variant is available which features eight waves of Unbread looking to take down the castle. To defeat them the cooks need to feed the bread and make them go away. The Unbread are the regular enemies but you’ll also have to watch out for the zombie apple which can cause a lot of damage and needs two meals, and the zombie chilli which moves very quickly. New recipes include the roast dinner, soup, and fruit pies. Four chefs are making their way in too including a werewolf, a vampire, a ghost, and the return of Boxhead. There’s a total of 12 kitchens including three Kevin Kitchens to find.

Source: Press Release

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