Catan VR arrives on June 25th for PSVR

Experiment 7 has confirmed that Catan VR will be available tomorrow, June 25th, for PSVR owners having already been playable on PC VR devices since June last year. This is Klaus Teuber’s board game in a VR setting with the creator himself, along with his team, helping to get the details right and help with designing the AI opponents players will face in single player.

Single player is all well and good but it’ll be the multiplayer where things will really pick up as players compete in games of up to four individuals in an effort to rob each other and trade to become the winner of Catan. Each player is represented by an avatar and they are placed in a virtual room around a virtual rendition of the board game. The game appears to support cross-platform play too so that should help with finding games during the PSVR launch.


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