Classic Board Game Catan Is Coming To VR Later This Year

If you struggle for space and/or friends, the playing board games can be quite difficult. That’s presumably what Catan Studio, Asmodee Digital and Experiment 7 thought of when they decided that they were to bring the classic board game Catan to VR. Imaginatively called Catan VR, it’s coming to Oculus Rift and Gear VR before the end of 2017, with other platforms to follow.

Being turned into a video game, you’ll be able to play with other people around the world, as well as taking on Catan AI personalities, while playing in the Magic Table environments that Experiment 7 first debuted with Magic Table Chess.

“The first time I saw Catan on the Magic Table, I was fascinated by what VR has to offer,” said Catan creator Klaus Teuber. “The game I made in our living room with my family 25 years ago in Virtual Reality? It’s incredible. I never imagined actually stepping into the world of Catan when we first started making cut-outs and dreaming about exploring new lands.”

Source: press release

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  1. I’ve never played the actual board game but really enjoyed it on ps3. I’d never considered the idea of a vr board game but what a great idea!

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