Hitman 2’s New York launch trailer has arrived

Just under a month ago Io Interactive confirmed the next major location that would be coming to Hitman 2, with that being The Bank in New York. New York is the first major expansion pack being added to Hitman 2 being available to owners of Expansion Pass and Expansion Pack 1.  It features the campaign mission Golden Handshake, which takes place in the aforementioned bank, and you can watch the launch trailer below.


The trailer doesn’t give too much away but the antagonist really doesn’t seem to like people all too much, harshly judging them as she watches them pass by below her. You do get a glimpse of some of the disguises Agent 47 will wear including a security outfit which will no doubt help with getting into the bank’s extensive vault.

New contracts and challenges will be around for players to complete along with unlocks and achievements.  New York will have a Mastery Progression system with each bit of progress unlocking new start areas, agency pick up, and tools or weapons that can be used across the game, Also coming tomorrow will be the Mumbai and Santa Fortunao special assignment missions for expansion pass holders.

Source: YouTube

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