Double Eleven takes over Prison Architect development, free update coming June 27th

Back in January Introversion Software sold the rights of the Prison Architect IP to Paradox Interactive, with the intent to pass on the torch so the studio could focus fully on its next project which is yet to be announced. Since the acquisition, things have been a bit quiet but yesterday the official Prison Architect Twitter account posted a couple of messages giving updates. The main message is that Double Eleven has take over the development of Prison Architect. The studio has already had experience with the game as it was responsible for console versions.

The second part of the announcement was in regards to a free update that will be available on Thursday, June 27th. This update will add four new walls and floors, an increased foreman cap, fixed scanners, guard responses, quick rooms, tunnel searches, full item rotation and other changes. The full details will be revealed on patch day with the notes.


Along with the patch release on June 27th a livestream will be hosted on Twitch at 5pm CEST where the team will discuss the changes, fixes, and take on board any suggestions the community may have.

Source: Twitter 

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