Watch mech beasts fight each other in the Sabre PSVR gameplay trailer

Fire Point Games has released a gameplay trailer for its upcoming first person VR shooter Sabre, which is heading to PSVR soon. Sabre puts players in the pilot seat of mechanical beasts which are armed to the teeth with all sorts of guns. You’ll run and jump around environments while firing at other mechs. Sabre seems to have a cartoon-like aesthetic to really hammer home that this is well out in the fantasy realm.


According to an older post on Reddit Sabre will feature three beasts at launch, with one of them called Thunderhead, there will be six different maps and the game will launch with Free for All mode at the start, followed by Battle Royale and Team Deathmatch which will come via a free update. Fire Point is also intending to release the game on PC and a non-VR version on PS4.

A release date is to be confirmed.


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  1. It seems like every week there’s something new and shiny coming to PSVR. Superb.

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