The Blackout Club console release date announced

Question has confirmed that its co-op horror game The Blackout Club will be fully released on July 30th for PC, PS4, and Xbox One with Steam users able to get the game with a 20% discount during the Steam Summer sale. The game is currently in early access on that platform. The Blackout Club is set in the small town of Redacre where a group of kids are looking for clues to the disappearance of their friend. Unfortunately for them this town is not what one would call a regular town, but one filled with cultists and it is all watched over by the supernatural element called the Angel.

The Angel knows everything that is happening in town thanks to the adults reporting to it, and if anyone gets too out of line the Angel hunts them down. The only issue is that the Angel can only be seen when your eyes are closed. Yep, so you’re trying to track the entity while running around a town blind. Players will have to work together to piece together clues about the disappearance while avoid being captured by the Angel.

Source: Press Release

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