Hitman 2’s July roadmap confirms a new Sniper Assassin map

IO Interactive has revealed what Hitman 2 players can expect to get their murdery hands on this month via the July roadmap, which details all sorts of challenges and locations. The theme of the month is ‘Jungle Music’ so expect so warm locations to carry out some assassinations in. The first bit of content has gone live today and that is the Escalation Contract ‘The Babayeva Dissonance.’ Contrary to the theme of the month Agent 47 has to stop the music by killing three musicians using precision and explosives.


Next Thursday, July 11th, will see the launch of the ‘I’m with the band’ challenge pack, which flips Agent 47’s stance on music again as he looks to join the Santa Fortuna band one way or another. Once the five challenges are completed you’ll be rewarded with a violin. On July 18th the Featured Contracts will be released with the theme this month being ‘Tone Death.’ The best submissions that fit the theme will be added for players to tackle. On July 19th a legacy Elusive Target appears as Agent 47 must once again take out Badboy in Sapienza with players having 10 days to complete this mission. July 25th sees the Escalation Contract ‘The Calvino Cacophony’ where there will be a lot explosions and a chance to earn the hot summer suit.

The on July 30th the summer heat gets swapped for snow as on July 30th expansion pass holders will be given the new Sniper Assassin map called The Prison, and it is in the harsh realm of Siberia. If mastery level is achieved in this sniper assassin map will lead to unlocking the  Druzhina 34 ICA Arctic sniper rifle to use in all sandbox locations.

Source: IO Interactive

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