Warframe’s Empyrean expansion detailed, and a new open world has been revealed

Over this weekend the Warframe centric Tennocon has been taking place, and at this event Digital Extremes went into details regarding the Empyrean expansion which was revealed during E3, though it was originally named Railjack and first spoken about last year. One of the main additions will be a squad link feature which allows one team to call in help from another squad if things get a bit too tough to tackle with just one team.

Space battles will also be a huge part of the Empyrean expansion with players able to fly out and board enemy ships, then capturing them too. However, hostiles can do the same to players so if you’re flying about there may be a time when an enemy squad manages to get aboard and you’ll have to fight for control. The Railjack will be fully customisable, four-player piloted heavy assault ship. Players and their crew will also be able to leave their Railjack ship to explore various places of interest including Orokin ruins.  Who knows what you’ll find among them. You can watch 45 minutes of Empyrean gameplay below to get a true flavour of what is in store.


That wasn’t the only reveal though as Digital Extremes confirmed that The New War event will be releasing this Winter, and it involves the Sentients attacking the Tenno. Going by the trailer it’s a surprise attack that looks to overwhelm quickly, so it seems like players will be on the backfoot at first during this quest saga.

Wait, there’s more! Digital Extremes also confirmed that work has begun on the next open world for Warframe, and this is called the Duvri Paradox. The trailer shows a character walking in a strange world but peace doesn’t last for long as he gets charged down by a being wielding a sword while riding a space horse. There are also clues to time apparently crossing over and then it looks like players will be able to ride their own space horse.

Nightwave Series Two is out now too across all platforms. In this series, you’ll be able to earn the following rewards.

• Emissary Operator Collection (Tier 30): Become like Arlo’s devoted with this Operator cosmetics collection.
• Chitoid Sentinel Bundle (Tier 29): Give any Sentinel a flair of Infestation with this pack.
• Protosomid Shoulder Guard (Tier 28): Loathsome tendrils squirm from these hefty shoulder guards.
• Umbra Forma (Tier 26): Apply the Umbra polarity to any Warframe or Weapon.
• Spore Ephemera (Tier 19): Leave a trail of filth with every footstep.

There have also been changes made to how players earn rewards including reduced timing. The changes are below.

• Playing Catch-Up! – We added a way for you to play acts from previous weeks in case you missed them!

• De-grindification! – Less Weekly and Elite Weekly acts, but still giving the same amount of Standing as you would get from Series 1! In addition, we are looking to front-load Nightwave Creds as an earlier reward for participating in the Series!

• Act Changes! – We have lowered the Time and Wave requirements for some Endless Mission Acts, as well as lowering the cost of Ayatan Statues (this was implemented during Series 1). In addition, we have also removed the ‘with friends’ requirements from all of our Nightwave Acts!

• New Acts! – Including the most important one… petting your Kubrow or Kavat. We also included some Acts for Kuva missions, Transmuting Mods and K-Drive Races!

Series 2 is expected to last for around 10 weeks with episodes coming regularly.

Finally two new frames are coming to the game called Grendel and Gauss, and you can get your first look below.

Source: Twitter/YouTube/PlayWarframe

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