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Have 200 hours spare? Because that’s how long it may take to beat Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Fire Emblem fans won’t have to worry about not getting their money’s worth when Three Houses is released. In an interview with French site JeuxVideo Fire Emblem: Three Heroes director Yoshiyuki Kusakihara stated that when he played through the game with just one house’s story it took 80 hours without skipping the cutscenes. Extrapolating from that he believes that completing Fire Emblem: Three Houses will take over 200 hours when accounting for going through all three house plotlines. It could be longer based on the side quests that would appear in the game, as it isn’t clear how many of those were done in the 80 hour run.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is set in the land of Fodlan which is split between three different nations, each with its own governing house. Players will have to choose which of these houses to align with at the beginning and help its nation grow stronger than its neighbours through battle. As an academy instructor you’ll be taking students into the battlefield with their survival depending entirely on your tactics. Outside of battles students will need to be taught and their skills honed through assignments, which in turn will make them better fighters in the war of Fodlan.  Fire Emblem: Three Houses is already available to pre-order through the Nintendo e-Shop, and doing so will lead to a download of the game with it unlocking on release date, which is July 26th.

Source: Jeuxvideo

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