Prepare for Fortune and Glory in Dauntless’ new update which is coming next week

Phoenix Labs has confirmed the next update heading to Dauntless, and it is set to arrive next week on July 16th bringing with it new challenges to master. This update is Fortune & Glory and it will see players venture on to the Island of Trials which has been towed to Ramsgate by Lady Luck. Upon this island are new Behemoths that are going to be tougher than anything Slayers have fought before as they’ll have additional modifiers. In addition, there will be new Trial rewards like new weapons, special moves, cosmetics that can be bought through a new currency called Marks which are earned through Trials.

The Wall of Champions is going to be added to which is a leaderboard that shows the fastest times for completing Trials, and these times are split between solo and group runs. Trials will be changed every week and this will also mean that the Wall of Champions will be wiped clean as a result. The Island of Trials doesn’t just have behemoths to deal with either as players will have to watch out for smollusks, snail-like creatures that are aggressive and will need to be taken out quickly. Otherwise, there will be a lot of ooze to trek through.


Fortune and Glory is actually the first hunt pass of the High Skies season as there will be a second. That second one will be Zephyr Strike and both include two tracks which are basic and elite, as well as fifty levels, and new rewards. Fortune and Glory will run until August, though an actual date of ending is yet to be confirmed. Once Fortune and Glory ends Zephyr Strike will arrive instantly. Details on what to expect in the second pass are yet to be confirmed, but Phoenix Labs will be releasing those details soon.

Source: Dauntless official site

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