Gravity Ghost finally heads to PS4 this August in North America

Four years ago Ivy Games announced it would be releasing its peaceful planet-hopping game Gravity Ghost to PS4. After that complete radio silence until today. The studio confirmed that a PS4 version will be released, at least in North America, with the full title being Gravity Ghost: Deluxe Edition. The date of release is August 6th. This version of the game adds a new constellation with 13 challenge levels, and three new music tracks being added to the game too.


Voy the ghost fox will be a playable character as well in this game. In Gravity Ghost you’ll explore the cosmos as Iona the ghost who is looking for her fox friend. The game has been designed to be taken at a players own pace so won’t feature and deaths. Instead, over 100 levels will allow players to terraform and explore the hand-painted galaxy. Voices are provided by Ashly Burch and Logan Cunnigham. Gravity Ghost is currently available on PC.

Source: Press Release

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