Gravity Ghost Floating To A PS4 Release

Ivy Games has announced that Gravity Ghost will be releasing on PS4 though a date is yet unknown. The game is focussed on Iona, a ghost, who is searching for her ghost fox friend. The game is one that doesn’t have deaths or failures, allowing players to progress through at their own pace. The PS4 version of the game will have new challenges, three new music tracks and a new character to unlock.


The story will have Iona uniting animal spirits with their own bodies which in turn allows her to access some more of her own past. Characters other than Iona or the animals that will appear are Guardians and survivors of a black hole’s influence on their local area in Space. There is no price either though the official website has a price set at $14.99 for the PC version.

Source: PS Blog


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  1. nice, be cool if came to vita as well! ;)

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