You can still play your purchased games if the publisher leaves Google Stadia

Google have updated their Stadia FAQ to clarify what would happen in the publisher of a game you had purchased left the service. Short version: You would still have access to the game. Here’s the FAQ.

What happens to a game I bought if the publisher stops supporting Stadia in the future? Can I still play the game?
Yes. Once you purchase the game, you own the right to play it. In the future, it is possible that some games may no longer be available for new purchases, but existing players will still be able to play the game. Outside of unforeseen circumstances, Stadia will aim to keep any previously purchased title available for gameplay.

I would assume that the game would be then locked in that state and there would be no further updates, so that could be a problem for titles such as The Division 2 and Destiny 2.


The FAQ update also revealed the mobile devices will be supported at launch and the number of players you can have locally.

How many controllers can I use at the same time?
Your Stadia account will support up to four Stadia controllers during local multiplayer game play.
Which mobile devices (tablets and phones) will support Stadia at launch?
At launch we will be supporting Pixel 3 and Pixel 3a (3a, 3a XL, 3, 3XL) phones for mobile gameplay, tablets running Chrome OS, and more devices will be made available in the future. However, purchasing games and managing your content can be done from any iOS 11+ or Android M+ device that can run the Stadia app.

Recently we discovered that Google Stadia’s only exclusive game, Gylt, does not appear to be a Stadia exclusive, and that games on the service would cost the same as those on consoles and PC.We also know that Stadia is it’s own ecosystem so you won’t be able to cross-play with PC gamers unless it is specifically programmed in.

Stadia will launch in November, reaching 14 countries, one of which will be the UK. The Founder’s Edition, which includes a special edition Night Blue controller, a Chromecast Ultra, Destiny 2, and two three month subscription – one for you and one for a friend, is available now. This costs $129 USD / $169 CAD / £119. Separate controllers will cost $69.99, and you will need a controller and Chromecast Ultra to join the service initially.

A Stadia Pro subscription will cost $9.99 USD / $11.99 CAD / £8.99, and includes streaming up to 4K and access to a growing catalogue of “older” games starting with Destiny 2 and expanding from there, but you’ll need to purchase the latest games outright if you want to play them on day one. A Stadia Base service will come in 2020 where you can simply purchase games outright. A minimum download capacity of 10 Mbps downstream and 1 Mbps upstream are required. For 4K with 5.1 surround sound, a speed of 35 Mbps is required.

Source: Google

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