Dota Underlords adds battle pass – here’s what you can unlock

Valve really isn’t dawdling with Dota Underlords, the developer having rolled out a new update that introduces the “Proto Pass” for Auto Chess rival.

Popularised by Fortnite (though arguably originating from Dota 2’s Compendium) it’s now a common staple in most games with an online or “live” component, the battle pass is a player progression system that steadily hands out rewards as you play. This is done by earning experience points, either through simply playing matches or completing challenges.


Dota Underlords (which is available on Steam, iOS, and Android) follows that exact same model and, like other battle passes, the rewards are season exclusive: once the current season has ended, though unlocks go away and will likely be cycled back in at a later time.

Free-to-play games usually charge for their battle passes and Dota Underlords won’t be any different. However, as the game is still in its beta phase, this newly added Proto Pass is free and you’ll get to transfer any winnings over the full game.

So what exactly can you get from the Proto Pass? Valve has wisely chosen not to include any items that have an impact on gameplay. Instead, everything’s cosmetic with some snazzy portrait frames, banners, standards, and even a new board design. There are other extras in there too such as effects for victories, win streaks, and respawns, as well as chat emotes.

Aside from the new board (which can’t be equipped yet despite being unlockable) these are fairly minor though Dota Underlords players will appreciate having options there to customise their profiles.

One interesting fact about seasons is that Valve intends to add and remove heroes, alliances, and items from the game. This could cause serious shifts in the meta though ensures that Underlords will stay fresh.

Valve also rolled out some new gameplay changes as part of the Proto Pass update. These include improvements to the scoreboard UI with Medusa’s Split Shot ability being nerfed while Axe’s taunt will silence targets.

Source: Dota Underlords Steam page

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  1. The “battle pass” was not originally popularised by Fortnite. DOTA 2 has been using one for years and it was extremely popular in the moba community long before Fortnite even existed. It is however unsurprising that Epic chose to emulate Valve’s DOTA 2 battle pass in many respects.

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