The new trippy Borderlands 3 trailer shows why everyone is So Happy Together

The roses are quite literally blooming in this new Borderlands 3 trailer which rather oddly places the new heroes in a mini world set inside one of the game’s gun crates. It’s all a bit a trippy to be honest, there’s skipping, lots of dancing, characters riding bullets, fireworks, and those roses I mentioned. It ends with a sequence that wouldn’t be out of place in a Busby Berkeley film, check it out.



By the way the tune is Happy Together by the Turtles which charted in 1967 and has been described as “pop, folk, psychedelia, and Zombies-style harmony expertise into one song.” Howard Kaylan, lead vocalist of The Turtles, published his autobiography in 2013 and describes “snorting coke on Abraham Lincoln’s desk in the White House.”

It should be noted that the trailer does not look like all the characters have been smoking funny smelling herbs or downing Mitsis by the handful and getting utterly spangled. That is not what has happened here, no sir, drugs are bad, don’t do them kids.

It was recently revealed that the game will have cross-play but it will not be available at launch.

You can read our North American correspondent’s impressions of Borderlands 3, in which he explored the multiplayer tools that will be present for single players to interact with. In his article Miguel wrote, “Borderlands 3 is shaping up to be a hell of a package. The baddy-blasting action and gun-hoarding of the last game is only amplified, on top of being complemented by new customisation features and some really intriguing new online mechanics. It’s been a long time coming, but with a showing like this, I’m confident that the wait for Borderlands 3 will be well worth it.”

You can read more of that preview here.

Gearbox has borrowed a few ideas for the game and has confirmed that Borderlands 3 will also have a pinging system which will allow players to highlight weapons, enemies, and points of interest without having to speak to your co-op partners.

When it comes to accessibility options all controls will be remappable so players can choose the best button layout for themselves, which in turn makes the game compatible with the Xbox Adaptive controller. There will be visual options for players who are affected by colour blindness, there will be auto-aim options, headbobs can be toggled, and there will be closed captioning included too. Free For All duelling will also be added meaning 1v1v1v1 competitive multiplayer. Asynchronous multiplayer will be present too so players can play while waiting for others to join.

If streaming is your thing then viewers can browse a streamer’s loot and loadout which gives them a chance to get some loot. If certain conditions are met Twitch viewers can spawn events in a streamer’s game.

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