FIFA 20 gameplay trailer shows off 1v1 ball skills and more

EA has released a gameplay trailer for FIFA 20 and it looks at some improvements that will be coming to the game including changes to set pieces, 1v1 situations, ball physics, and the shooting in the final third of the pitch. Before we get into what that actually all means why don’t you have a look at the trailer and see what FIFA 20 has in store.


Set piece rewrite is the first thing that comes up in the trailer, and it shows a new way in which the shot indicator will behave especially when it comes to free kicks. It appears there will be an indicator that can help with how much curve players put on the ball. The shot indicator also seems to give a bit more information including a look at the area the ball could end up in and the power put behind the ball.

Dynamic 1v1s is the next major piece for both attacking and defensive positions. Essentially players will have more ways to try and get past players or stop an attacker from making progress. One example shown is a player moving backwards with the ball to open up space between himself and the defender to find a way past.

Ball physics will also see a bit of an overhaul with much more emphasis on ball physics,including the correct power transfer between the speed a ball is travelling and the way a player meets it with their foot. Composed shooting is also here and it shows players taking much calmer shots, though to be honest it doesn’t look too dissimilar to placing shots which is present in other FIFA titles.

Of course, Juventus don’t make an appearance in the trailer due to Konami getting total exclusive rights to the name and crest of the team for ePES Football 2020. Instead, Juventus will be known as Piemonte Calcio in FIFA 20 to get around the naming rights. Juventus players will be fully represented in both titles.

FIFA 20 is confirmed for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch. It will be released from September 24th.

Source: Press Release

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