Wargroove marches along to PS4 next week

Chucklefish has confirmed that its turn-based strategy game Wargroove is heading to new territory, and that is the PS4. There’s not long to wait either as Wargroove will be available from July 23rd, aka Tuesday, to meet all your medieval fantasy retro-styled turn based fantasy needs. It’s basically a homage to Advance Wars though a different world.


Wargroove allows players to play through the standard campaign or download other ones as players can create their own stories including adding cutscenes, essentially giving a lot of extra content to try out. Outside of the campaign is Arcade mode where players face off against five enemies in succession, and Puzzle mode where the mission has to be completed in one turn,

Dom wrote in the Wargroove review, “ts fantasy retro strategy stylings mark it out as a wonderful amalgamation of the classic Fire Emblem and Wars games, and while it doesn’t revolutionise the genre in the way that the modern Fire Emblem games have it nails the feel of Intelligent System’s best games – while standing proudly on its own.”

You can read the full Wargroove review here.

Source: PS Blog

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