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The Witcher Netflix series teaser trailer has landed

Two years ago The Witcher Netflix series was announced, leading to a lot of speculation about who would play Geralt of Rivia. Eventually the casting team decided on choosing the most recent Superman Henry Cavill to play the leading man. We’ve had some teases since and now it’s time to view the first trailer for The Witcher Netflix series. Have a watch below.

The series itself will be based on the books rather than the games, but there will be quite a lot of crossover and those who have played the games and not read the books will not be lost. The series will have 8 episodes and below is the main cast.

  • Geralt of Rivia – Henry Cavill
  • Freya Allan – Ciri
  • Anya Chalotra – Yennifer
  • Anna Shaffer – Triss
  • Jodhi May – Queen Calanthe
  • Adam Levy – Mousesack
  • Joey Batey – Jaskier
  • MyAnna Burning – Tissaia
  • Tom Canton – Filavandrel
  • Eamon Farren – Cahir
  • Bjorn Hylnur Haraldsson – Eist
  • Lars Mikkelson – Stregobor
  • Maciej Musial – Sir Lazio
  • Mimi Ndiweni – Fringella
  • Royce Pierreson – Istredd
  • Wilson Radjou-Pujalte – Dara
  • Amit Shah – Torque
  • Therica Wilson-Read – Sabrina

Source: YouTube/IMDB

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  1. What’s

  2. This looks good, especially after all the negativity that’s been surrounding this. I still want to know how they’re going about this plot-wise, as they seem to be heavily mixing characters from the short stories and main saga which doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, but we’ll see.

    Looking forward to this much more now. Although the Nilfgaard armour still looks bollocks.

  3. I will give it a miss just like I did the game. Can’t stand Henry dude chin

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