The first gameplay footage for Doctor Who – The Edge of Time has landed

Back in May a new VR game based on Doctor Who was revealed with Doctor Who – The Edge of Time set to land on PSVR, Oculus headsets, and Vive headsets. The game is a brand new adventure that won’t cast players as the Doctor but instead a companion who is searching for Time Lord after a large threat makes itself known. You’ll face off against a number of classic Who villains including the Daleks, with it not being surprising if the Cybermen and Weeping Angels show up. There will also be a totally new enemy that will be introduced through the game.


The demo itself shows the puzzle elements of the game and is set during the first mission of the game. It appears the Daleks are once again invading Earth, having not learnt their lesson the previous times they’ve tried to hold the planet, and the Doctor is no where in sight. With some puzzle-solving you the player character attempts to summon the TARDIS, and begin the search for the Doctor. It’s Jodie Whitaker’s incarnation of the Time Lord that will be present in this game. You can see the player wielding the sonic screwdriver to solve the puzzles as well, and no doubt it’ll come in use countless times to outwit enemies.

Doctor Who – The Edge of Time has been developed by Maze Theory, which is also working on the Peaky Blinders VR title as well as The Vanishing Act. Doctor Who – The Edge of Time will be released in September.

Source: YouTube

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