Koei Tecmo announces Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV for PS4, PC

Strategy fans rejoice! In this week’s Famitsu, Koei Tecmo officially announced that a Romance of the Three Kingdoms sequel is in the works and will be coming to both PlayStation and PC.

The publisher confirmed that Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV (14) will be launching this winter in Japan.

Unsurprisingly, there’s no word on a western release. That said, the previous game in the series was localised within a space of six months so hopefully an international version will see the light of day. Even with some of its more obscure, niche titles, Koei Tecmo has shown a willingness to bring them overseas.

So, what can fans of the grand strategy series expect this time around. Up top there seem to be some significant changes in terms of how the game flows, with military and political actions occurring on the same map.

Meanwhile, the map itself will be broken down into hexes which will hopefully make the process of acquiring and holding territories more tactical and dynamic.

That’s according to a translation by Gematsu where they list the following new features:

One Big Map Where Multiple Scenes Occur

  • “Lord-like gameplay,” where both Domestic commands and battles occur on the same map, is being deepened.
  • The game will progress by plotting / cycling through the “strategy phase,” in which you instruct Domestic and military commands, and the “advance phase,” in which those instructions are put into effect.

New Element: “War Front”

  • All of China is divided into small divisions (HEX), and each division becomes a basis of income for each faction.
  • A division can be obtained by simply occupying it with your troops, and there is no requirement of conquering cities.
  • When attacking enemies, you can also utilize tactics such as breaking its connection with cities to cut off logistics.

More Than 1,000 Officers: The Highest in the Series Yet

  • There are officers that may ignore the player’s commands.
  • There are active officers who will not only await a command, but propose their own.
  • Even an officer with low stats is unique, and no officer is just a placeholder.

Configure the “Governments” of Each faction

  • By setting officers on the organization chart, you can obtain various effects and special commands.

  • The configuration of an organization chart will change depending on the ideology of the ruler.

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Source: Ryokutya2090 via Gematsu

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