Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition shoots onto Nintendo Switch in October

In a flurry of announcements earlier this year, Rebellion revealed their plans for the next few years of Sniper Elite. Between Sniper Elite V2 Remastered, Sniper Elite VR and a fifth mainline Sniper Elite game, a nice surprise was the Switch being included in their plans, both for V2 and with a port of Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition.

Now there’s a release date, with Rebellion shooting for launch on 1st October.

Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition will feature the main game and its DLC as well as local wireless multiplayer and motion control support to make full use of the system’s capabilities. The port makes sense, considering that the game originally released on PS3 and Xbox 360, as well as current gen consoles, and it’ll be interesting to see whether it’s closer to the last gen or the current one.

When we spoke to Rebellion programmer Martin Caine back at Rezzed, primarily about V2 Remastered, but when we asked about Sniper Elite 3 on Switch he revealed that they’ve “not had to remaster visuals and things like that, so it’s more of just getting the game running on the platform, getting multiplayer running…

“We’ve used the PC assets, so the same as Sniper V2, we’ve tried to keep things across all platforms and have only made small sacrifices to get the game running on Switch that most gamers wouldn’t even notice. The resolution is noticeably a bit lower on Switch because of the GPU, but the detail in the game is the same between that, PS4 and Xbox One. For Sniper 3, it’s pretty much the same. It looks really good for a Switch game, especially when you’re docked.”

The game will be available both in boxed and digital forms. At retail, you can already pre-order, but if you want the digital copy, those pre-orders will go live on 17th September.

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