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Swery confirms that The Good Life has been delayed to 2020

Hidetaka “Swery” Suehiro along with his studio White Owls and in collaboration with Yukio Futatsugi and his G-rounding are working on the strange sim like title The Good Life, which was successfully funded via Kickstarter in May 2018. Since then the teams have been working to bring the game to PC, PS4, and Xbox One and there was an initial plan to have the game be released in Q4 2019, but things have now changed.


Posting an update on Kickstarter Swery, who may best be known for Deadly Premonition, released the following statement.

One year and three months have already passed since this Kickstarter project met its goal. I can’t believe it’s already been that long! Time goes by fast when you’re working hard every day to make a good game.

In the campaign, we stated that The Good Life would be released in Q4 2019 and received support from you all. After a long deliberation, we have decided to change the schedule and extend the development period in order to deliver The Good Life to all our backers in the best condition possible.

It’s a very important, heavy decision, but we made it believing that it’s the happiest decision for all the people who are going to eventually play it. Therefore, we humbly ask that you wait a little bit longer for The Good Life to reach your hands.

We expect the release date to move from Q4 2019 to Spring 2020.

We’re very sorry about this, because we know you’ve all been waiting very patiently for The Good Life. We only came to the decision due to prioritizing the quality of the game above all else.

We sincerely hope you can understand our feelings on this issue, and will continue to support us.

Along with the delay announcement, other details have been revealed about The Good Life’s development journey. The graphics have received an upgrade, the map size has increased, more details have been added to environments when in dog mode you can fight wild animals and find clues via smell which will then be marked so you can come back in human form. In cat mode movement has been improved as well. As you can tell The Good Life is a bizarre game in which players take on the role of Naomi who has moved from New York to Rainy Town, where she takes odd jobs, like sheep shearing, to pay off debt while also solving a murder.

You can check out a selection of screenshots below.

Source: Kickstarter


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