E.Honda amongst the next batch of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition DLC

Overnight Capcom suffered a bit of a leak concerning the next set of DLC characters that will be coming to Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, with some speculating that the announcements would have been made during EVO 2019. It seems though that Capcom has changed tactic as a result of the leaks and confirmed the next three characters that players will be able to purchase for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, and they’ll all be available from August 4th.


The first character is one of the original Street Fighter alumni with E.Honda making his return to the franchise. In the trailer you can see E.Honda taking the fight to Dhalsim and Zangief and employing Trigger moves Tajikarao and Onigawara, with the latter looking very devastating. E.Honda will also have three alternative skins to use. While E.Honda may be considered the main attraction for this bundle two other characters were revealed.

After last appearing in Ultra Street Fighter IV Poison and her whip make a return to the franchise, and this time around she really uses her whip for going on the offensive. In this fight, she is going up against Chun Li and unleashing devastating results. Her Trigger Effects are Toxic Glamor and Poison Cocktail. Poison will have four alternate costumes and in the trailer you can see that one of them is a dress. The final character to be confirmed is…

Well, it is Lucia who is a newcomer to Street Fighter but was previously in Final Fight 3. Lucia’s backstory is that she is a detective from Metro City, and she’s out to catch all the criminals. In her trailer, she appears to have quite quick attacks that can land damage in fast succession. Her Triggers are Weapon Fury and the rather bright and brutal looking Burning Fight. Lucia will also have four alternate costumes

As mentioned each of these characters will be available to get from August 4th.

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