Zombieland: Double Tap-Road Trip brings the zombie slaying this October

Movie tie-in games are few and far between on consoles and PC though we are seeing a little bit of a resurgence. There’s John Wick Hex coming and now High Voltage are developing a tie into the new Zombieland movie, with this game being called Zombieland: Double Tap -Road Trip. It’s a co-operative multiplayer top-down twin-stick shooter which is set after the events of the first Zombieland movie, with players able to choose from the original four of Tallahassee, Columbus, Wichita and Little Rock as well as unlocking characters that will be appearing in the sequel.

Each of the characters will have their own special abilities to tap into, and the Zombieland rules will come into effect as well so make sure you’re versed in them. The game will feature a campaign mode, a horde mode, and daily and weekly challenges. The game itself will be released on October 15th for PS4, PC, Xbox One, and Switch while the movie Zombieland: Double Tap is out on October 18th. Now, in lieu of any gameplay footage or trailer, I leave you with the Zombieland: Double Tap movie trailer.

Source: Press Release

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