New Rainbow Six Siege operators leaked ahead of announcement?

We’re approaching the end of Siege’s latest season, Operation: Phantom Sight, so it should come as no surprise to see the game’s community weighing in on what comes next for Ubisoft’s flagship shooter.

Siege’s next season is expected to launch in early September, following the same template Ubisoft Montreal has stuck to since it first started rolling out post launch content.


Year 4 Season 3 (Y4S3) will bring two new operators into the fold as well as an reworked version of the popular Kanal map.

If a new leak via Reddit turns out to be legit, we may now have our first look at the pair of recruits joining Siege’s rapidly growing roster.

The post (originally from 4chan) shows two pieces of concept art, presumably depicting both of the Y4S3 operators.

Neither of the images show these characters brandishing their unique gadgets though there’s an interesting theme at play.

The operators are both shown in a deep jungle setting, apparently fighting over what look to be ancient relics – Aztec maybe? Some eagle eyed fans have gone back to cinematic trailer released earlier this year, highlighting a photo that clearly references the smuggling of antiquities.

Earlier this year during its Six Invitational tournament in Montreal, Ubisoft laid out a roadmap confirming two Latin American operators for Year 4 Season 3.

At first glance, these pieces of art don’t exactly scream Rainbow Six Siege but you only need to look back at the game’s various lore entries and concept sketches to dispel this line of thought.

Of course, Ubisoft Montreal hasn’t confirmed the veracity of these leaks. With the Raleigh Major taking place in just a couple of weeks, this is where the studio plans to reveal the next season, hosting a panel just before the tournament final.

However, since the images first appeared, Siege community member Komora has confirmed that they are 100% legit. We don’t usually weigh forum posts with a great deal of trust though Komora has been bang on the money several times before when it comes to Siege leaks.

Previous Rainbow Six artwork and leaks have also given us clues in regards to the gadgets these new operators will bring into battle. While the attacking operator makes use of a grappling hook device, the defender can deploy fortifications that double up as flammable explosives (is that the same device we see blowing up in the artwork?).

Leaks or no leaks, we’ll get an official preview of these two new ops on August 18th.

Source: Reddit

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