Death Stranding may also be heading to PlayStation 5 or PC

If you’re a fan of video game press releases (let’s face it, who isn’t) and the convoluted language used publishers and developers to try and avoid revealing too much or discussing exclusivity clauses, then a recent tweet from PlayStation Spain may raise an inquisitive eyebrow.

The account was busy doing it’s day to day job of promoting all things PlayStation and dropped a tweet about Hideo Kojima’s next game, Death Stranding, which we all know is exclusive to PlayStation 4. Well, apart from one user on Twitter who tweeted “Exclusive??”

“¡Hola! Actualmente, la única plataforma anunciada para el lanzamiento de Death Stranding es PS4,” replied PlayStation Spain, which means “Hi! Currently the only platform announced for the launch of Death Stranding is PS4.”

Waitaminute. Currently?!? 

That’s exactly the sort of thing a publisher would say when they have some sort of timed exclusivity deal. To further fuel the fire PlayStation Spain have now deleted the tweet.

Death Stranding is one of Sony’s key titles in the run up to Christmas 2019 and they have a track record of taking older hit games such as the Uncharted series and The Last of Us and giving them up a polish for the next generation of consoles, so Death Stranding on PlayStation 5 is very possible.

The game is running on a proprietary game engine called Decima engine created by Guerrilla Games, and as that team must be working on a PS5 game by now, presumably Horizon Zero Dawn 2, Decima should be already set up for Sony’s new console.

The other possibility is the game will also launch for PC, Quantic Dream have shown that PlayStation 4 exclusives can be moved to the PC format without too much hassle, but it would depend on Sony’s deal with Kojima. Interestingly, Kojima seems to have ‘Done a George Lucas’ and secured the rights to all the Death Stranding merchandise, rather than let Sony handle it and that’s a first as far as I can tell, the details of the deal between the two giants may be quite complex.

We can probably rule out Death Stranding on Xbox One, but who knows, stranger things have happened.

Source: Segmentnext

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  1. Honestly, the people running the Playstation twitter accounts probably know nothing and just said “currently” because it’s standard non-committal corporate speak.
    What’s more telling is that in all of the box art shown there’s no “only on playstation” slogan, but at the same time it is using Sony’s proprietary decima engine.

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