Riverbond heads to Nintendo Switch later this year

Cococucumber has revealed that it will be releasing its co-op dungeon crawler title Riverbond on Nintendo Switch at some point in 2019. The game is already available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One having released back in May for those platforms. Alongside the Switch announcement, Cococucumbrt confirmed a new world will debut on Switch and will be available as DLC for the other platforms that Riverbond has been released on.


Riverbond does look like it has had some inspiration from the likes of the Legend of Zelda and 3D Dot Game Heroes. The game features skins from characters of other games including Shovel Knight, Psychonauts’ Raz, Guacamelee’ Juan, Bastion’s The Kid, Enter The Gungeon’s Bullet Kid, Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime’s Mu, Robot 05 from Planet of the Eyes, and Demelza from Knights & Bikes.

Source: Press Release

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