Galarian form Pokemon revealed in latest Pokemon Sword & Shield trailer

A new trailer has arrived for Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield with this one confirming Galarian forms of the pocket monsters as well as some new additions to the Pokedex. The Galarian forms so far confirmed include a Galarian Weezing which appears to have chimneys on its head, and it is grey in colour. There’s also a Galarian evolution line of Zigzagoon which is colour black and white as is Galarian Linoone. A new evolution for Linoone was also revealed in the form of Obstagoon.

Another Pokemon was also revealed and it looks a bit like a Pikachu mixed with a Marill, though without the tail. This one is called Morpeko and it is a form changing type that can switch between dark and electric depending on its mood. New rivals called Bede and Marnie will also be added to the franchise. Marnie is backed by a brand new team called Team Yell who are fans of Marnie. Their aesthetic appears to be inspired by heavy metal.

Pokemon Shield and Pokemon Sword will be available on November 15th for Switch.

Source: YouTube

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