Judgment demo now available on PS4

SEGA has released a demo for its crime drama Judgment on the PS Store in North America but not in Europe by the looks of the store listing in the UK. The demo itself covers the opening of the game including the tutorial mission as well as introducing some of the main characters including Yagami, and you can see a part of his past to see how he became a private detective.


Judgment is set in the same location as the Yakuza series, that being Kamarucho, though there is very little overlap between the series bar some nods to the Tojo clan and some references to past events that occurred in the Yakuza series. Most of the game plays similarly to the Yakuza games too though there are some changes due to the fact the story is told from the legal side of the law, and not the illegal activities.

In the Judgment review it was written, “Judgment is another great Japanese crime drama that will grab your attention as the stakes get bigger and bigger, but it’s not quite on par with the Yakuza series. Some of the private detective busywork could make way for more of RGG Studio’s trademark goofiness to cut through the seriousness of the main story, but anyone who has any interest in Far East crime dramas or the Yakuza series should pick Judgment up. Judgment has been judged and has been found worth playing.”

You can read the Judgment review here.

Source: Siliconera

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