XIII Remake delayed until next year

Last gen cult classic XIII was revealed to the subject of a brand new remake by Microids earlier this year with a release date targeting November 13th for PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC. Unfortunately the game has now been delayed until an unspecified date in 2020.


“We are thrilled with PlayMagic’s work so far,” said says François Coulon, Head of Production at Microïds. “This additional development time is needed to reach the level of polish we’re aiming for. The announcement was greeted by an overwhelming response from the community and we’ll make sure to deliver the best possible game to our fans.” says François Coulon – Head of Production at Microïds.”

The game places you in the shoes of Thirteen, a mysterious character who wakes up on Brighton beach (which is in Brooklyn, not the south coast of the UK) suffering from amnesia. It is loosely based on the first five volumes of the 1984 Belgian graphic novel series of the same name in which the protagonist, Jason Fly, is accused of murdering the President of the United States.

The game was originally published by Ubisoft and features David Duchovny as Jason Fly, aka Thirteen, and American songstress Eve as another character called Jones. Former Batman star Adam West is also in the cast as General Carrington. Alongside the story the game had numerous multiplayer options including Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag, and as well as playing these modes as human characters you could also play them as a duck, bat, or shark. Because.. reasons.

Rather than a remaster this is a full remake of the game so we everything from the animation to the sound design should be getting bumped up to the sort of standards we expect in 2020. Those who played the original may remember the game ends on a cliff hanger along with the tease of a sequel, if the remake sells well then maybe we may just see the next chapter in Jason Fly’s story.

Source: Press release

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