System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition is now in development

Nightdive Studios has announced that it is now working on System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition. The studio is currently working on a remake of System Shock which was a Kickstarter success back in 2016, though there have been some issues. There are no further details outside of that the studio is going to be working on this new enhanced version of System Shock 2, so no details of platforms or when to expect the game to release. It’ll likely be a few years since the System Shock remake is expected to release in 2020, though that could change at some point. However, with this news it could mean that System Shock remake is almost ready to be released.

The System Shock remake is confirmed for PC, Xbox One and PS4. Nightdive Studios aren’t the only developer working on a System Shock game. Otherside Entertainment is developing System Shock 3. Starbreeze was meant to be publishing the game but due to the financial situation of the company Otherside Entertainment decided to end that partnership and continue independently. There is currently no confirmed release date for System Shock 3 or platforms on which it will release.

Source: Twitter

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