Fantasy aerial combat title The Falconeer flies to PC in 2020

Indie developer Tomas Sala along with Wired Productions has announced that the fantasy aerial combat title The Falconeer will be released on PC in 2020. As you may guess from the name it isn’t planes you’ll be flying in this game but giant falcons which are piloted by warriors. Players will be able to attack enemies using ranged weaponry though with vehicles being live animals it wouldn’t be a surprise to see a few close up battles as they fight for the skies.

The world of The Falconeer is one where most of it is ocean which is called the Ursee. Various factions have gone to war over the Ursee to be able to control the resources that lie underneath the waves, though where there is treasure there is a danger. Of The Falconeer Tomas Sala released the following statement:

Building worlds is my passion, creating epic landscapes and hidden stories within… just waiting to be found. I want future Falconeers to fight for the Ursee world I’m creating, to risk everything in breathtaking battles to understand its secrets. I’m delighted to have joined forces with Wired Productions, to have secured the future survival of the Ursee and to join a line-up of stunning games with a publisher who understands my vision.”

Source: Press Release

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