Serve up some solutions in Coffee Talk, heading to PC and consoles in 2020

There’s a ton of simulation styled games out there and Toge Productions has announced its own little twist on the genre by announcing Coffee Talk. Coffee Talk is a game in which players take on the role of a barista serving drinks to the inhabitants of an alternate world Seattle. These people include succubi, elves, aliens trying to understand Earthlings, and a whole other host of beings that share similar problems. What unites them is sitting in a coffee shop and talking to a barista while drinking different styles of coffee.

As conversations flow players will be given instructions to make drinks and there are hundreds of combinations. Situations of the characters will change depending on the drink you serve them, so serving exactly what they wanted may help them while serving different to their usual tastes may result in various consequences. Accompanying the chatter will be some lo-fi jazz music to really capture the essence of a coffee shop that’s open in the evening.

Coffee Shop will be released in January for PC, Mac, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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