Headliner: NoviNews will allow you to control the news on Switch

Unbound Creations’ news editing game Headliner: NoviNews is making the jump to Nintendo Switch having released on PC last year. The game itself is set in the fictional nation of Novistan and as the news editor, you decide the narrative, which in turn will shape how society adapts due to the stories you decide to approve. You could push the narratives that medicine is bad or decide how people view immigrants stoking the flames like certain publications do. As you can see in the trailer below whatever headlines you push will have an impact.


Headliner: NoviNews has been released at a time when there’s been a lot of scrutiny when it comes to what messages are being portrayed and how they are put forward by various media companies. No doubt the developers had keenly been watching trends like fake news accusations, how different outlets cover the same events, and which outlets decide to ignore certain issues in an effort to push their own agendas. In this game you can be the one who controls the world and how Novistan’s politics play out as a result.

Headliner: NoviNews will be released on September 5th for Switch. If you’re interested already you can get the game on Steam for £10.99

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