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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare exclusive gunfight alpha heading to PS4 this weekend

Activision has announced that there will be an exclusive multiplayer alpha on PS4 with the focus being the brand new 2v2 Gunfight Mode. The alpha will be running from August 23rd until August 25th and it won’t require players to have a PS Plus subscription. The Alpha will have five maps on which to compete in including two never before seen ones that are Speedball and Docks. The other maps are likely to be King, Pine, and Stack. You’ll need your wits about you in Gunfight as this is a frenzy.

In Gunfight Mode two teams of two must fight each other to win five rounds but players will have to work with random loadouts, so no one can always have the weapons they prefer. So someone who likes to spray and pray with a machine gun may end up with a precision sniper rifle instead. Loadouts will change every two rounds so there is no way to get used to a loadout before you’re starting again from scratch. Each loadout will consist of a primary weapon, a secondary weapon, tactical grenade, and lethal equipment.

Gunfight mode matches are bite-sized as each round only lasts 40 seconds. If things are tied after 40 seconds then an Overtime flag appears but teams will only have an extra 10 seconds to grab it or take out the opposition. If teams fail in that then the team with the most health wins the match but if everything is equal then a draw is declared.

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