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Gears 5 Horde first gameplay trailer and details drop

Microsoft and The Coalition has given us our first proper look at the new and improved Horde mode coming to Gears 5.

In the trailer we see familiar characters from the Gear franchise fighting against increasingly larger enemy waves. One new feature being shown off is character “ultimates”. As in MOBAs like League of Legends and hero shooters such as Overwatch, these supercharged powers can be used to turn the tables on your opponents.

Some of the ultimates we see in action include a deadly airstrike, a cloaking gadget, and the power to hijack robotics. Of course, these abilities can’t be popped at will – they require players to build their ultimate meter.

The existing card system is also being expanded with perks that can level during matches to dole out even more perks and buffs. In Gears 5 there’s bigger focus on crafting and then fine tuning your own loadouts during your Horde career.

Another cool new feature includes the JACK robotic unit. This acts like a drone and can scout the map, performing a number of useful support actions.

Developer The Coalition will be rolling out updates for Horde Mode after the Gears 5 launches, adding new characters, maps, and other add-ons franchise fans can look forward to.

That isn’t to be confused with the brand new Escape mode coming to Gears of War 5 in which three players work together to outrun and outgun enemies in an effort to get to safety before time runs out, and they can generally be quite short matches. Horde matches can usually last a lot longer depending on how skilled the team you’re with is and how long the waves can be survived against.

Gears 5 will be released on September 10th for Xbox One and PC. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will gain access four days earlier on September 6th.

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