Meet the companions in the latest Greedfall trailer

A new trailer has been released today for the upcoming fantasy RPG Greedfall, being developed by Spiders, in which the companions of the main character are, and how your choices could affect them. This was previously touched upon in the overview trailer from a couple of weeks ago, but this one goes into a bit more depth. Each companion is representative of one of the factions found within the wider world, with many of these factions at war or hostile towards one another.

As you could imagine the clashes of the factions can play themselves out in the microcosm of the group, with player decisions impacted how the companions feel about you and each other. It’s unlikely decisions will please everyone and if someone does get fed up over what is happening they will leave, and could even be hostile against the rest of the group. Outside of the relationships, you’ll be able to customise the companions choosing which weapons they’ll wield and how they’ll act in combat as support units. There’s a lot of different approaches when it comes to battle so you’ll have to weigh up each character’s strengths and weaknesses depending on the fight and situations ahead.

The story of Greedfall involves your character arriving on a new continent while looking for a plague cure. This introduction of new civilisations mingling will lead to moments which can be handled diplomatically to keep things civil or descend into outright battle, and possibly killing any chances of being successful in your mission. Fighting is not always the right answer when it comes to the situations that arise through playthroughs.

Greedfall will be released on September 10th for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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